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Hello everyone, my name is Karleena Squires!

I enjoy writing stories, even though there are a lot of times where I do not complete them, or they are terribly crappy and I scrap them.

Anywho, I have decided two of my stories needed major editing, after reading them. However I am working on them, they may take a little while.

I have also written a one-shot, which I will not be changing, however look for a possible sequel to it sooner or later, if I get the chance.

And recently I have committed to writing an entry for the SKoW awards, which I have recently posted. It is a one-shot romance. Check it out! I may someday in the future create a sequel as well.

Also, on the side I have begun on two stories, one I had begun as my NanoWrimo entry, but unfortunately could not make the deadline due to school and other activities, however I was close. Hopefully I will upload that soon. I kind of got the inspiration for it from Twilight!

My other is more of an angst, either oneshot or two-part short story about a mass murderer, who is captured at the one murder he did not commit, and is basically telling us about his life. It's quite interesting, so far.

So hopefully I shall edit those other two stories, create a sequel for each of my oneshots, and upload my two new stories within the next while or so, so keep an eye on me!

Yours truly,


you know you love me,

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