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So Fuck Me

Name's Gus or GusGus

And I'm a girl, okay. My nickname is Gus. I'm not a guy and I'm not gay.

I am a dork and damn proud.

About my stories(and upcoming)

Oh, the Drama (Currently At A Writer Block)

Chance Lane, is the number one hottie at his high school, though he's only a junior. He can get any girl in the school, but his eyes set on Sidney. She's not what you expect for a guy like him to date or fall for...well, he fell for her...and hard too. But to get to her, he has to by past his own friends and hers. Sidney is a skater, a rebel, and target for Chance. When Chance makes a bet with his football buds at that practice...the Drama gets better, but it gets even better when his soon-to-be-ex girlfriend gets jealous of Sid's attention and plans to make Sid's life a living hell with some help with the rest of the squad.

When LoVe And HaTe Collide (Waiting For Time to Type Second Chapter)

Jacob Luca, Prince of Luca Mafia meets Ellie Barb, Princess of Barb Mafia. Let's say...there's blood and tears in the making. His set out to kidnap her to use against her father. While she's being over protective by her father. Their families both hate one another, but the young love between two grows stronger as Elle spends more time with her captior, Jacob.

Barrier (Soon To Be Coming)

Sidney and Elle are twins, correct. Jacob and Chance are brothers, right. The twins happen to be nobodys. The brothers happen to be the star hotties. But a barrier is blocking their feelings, but it is soon to be broken. Along with pain and tears. Jessica and Rachel are Jacob and Chance's girlfriends and head cheerleaders at that. And they'd like to keep their boyfriends in tow. No matter who stands in there way and they will make the twins' lives a living nitemare.

Welcome to Panther High School (Updated March 29, 2007... 12:30 AM) (Newly Updated April 26, 2007... 11:11PM)

Ellie Cordwood, daughter of yet another weahtly family in their town of somewhere in some state. She never was the "normal" child. Not like the rest of the bimbos at Jenkins High School. Well, some were bimbos while others were either nerds, geeks, or cheerleaders w/ or w/out in sports. Now, Nerds and Geeks are two different people! Nerds are smarter than Geeks, they are in clubs like Chess. Geeks are dealing with Band, Band Geeks, the Band Club. Yes, they are two different type of people but with higher test scores than any other in the building that's younger the age of Eighteen. Back to Ellie, her parents decided to send her off to Panther High School, a private, rich, boarding school more than three hours away from their town. Not to mention, she'd be leaving all her friends behind. The ONLY different people in that hell which she can relate too. Ty and Tay are brothers, Ty is older by one year and a few months, but they almost look like twins, without their hair color you wouldn't be able to tell. Jay is an only child, only because his older brother is in college as a junior and rarely comes home to his freaky parents. Shade and Shaun are half-brothers, just like real brothers but from different mothers. In fact, they live with Shaun's mother, since Shade's mother wants nothing to do with them and neither does their father, well, their father...isn't there, so that doesn't care anyways. The last but not least person of their 'group' is Charlie, a freshman, to Jenkins' High School and a target for the upperclass(wo)men. Charlie is like Ellie in alot of ways, but his parent do not mind if he dresses punk or listens to rock 'n' roll. Charlie's father is very rich, but is so cool. Nothing like the the Twits parents or Ellie's, not even the Swits. Dad, as they like to call him, is the best dad anyone could ever ask for and Charlie's happy too. But when Ellie is sent away, things for the six left standing are rocky without their female friend--their guideance into the feminie side.When Ellie comes her new school, things couldn't be anymore perfect can they? Boys, Jealously, Heart Break, Hate, Love, New Friends and the Old?

A Fairy Tale Coming (New, Updated April 22,2007)

Delly Bronze and her parents move to this new town that mostly knows about them because of their past records of family conflicts and their parents trouble. Delly meets new boys, new friends and makes new enemies. Already dealing with depression, can her knight or knights in shining armour along with prince charming save her or will she go to the brick of destorying herself.

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