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Hi! I'm FantasyisReality...of course not my true identity, but that's all I'm gonna give you (: So, you want to know a little about me and my writing? Well, here's the story so far.

I started writing in fifth grade after I read my first Amelia Atwater-Rhodes book Shattered Mirror. From there I wrote beginner vampire/werewolf fantasy stories with my best friend at the time. I continued to write the same basic genre, until about 8th grade when realistic fantasy, such as high school dramas and such, became more interesting, and sometimes I mixed it up a little. In tenth grade I got writers block, and sadly I'm still working on getting rid of it. It's hard to sit down and write now, because everything I begin to write starts to turn out like past stories I've written. I'm trying to start back up again, but I'm not sure how much time I'll have with my Senior year coming up. But I'll try!

I've always loved reading and writing and though I still find it hard to make my stories lengthy...and even finish them, I still enjoy to write.

So I hope you enjoy my writings, and please critize...(But a small reminder, I know there are grammatical errors here and there...so unless there is something that is totally confusing you, please don't comment on mispelled words..it's a bit annoying...)

Age: 18

Gender: female

Favorite books: Shattered Mirror, Midnight Predator, Demon in my View, In the Forests of the Night, Hawksong, Snakecharm, Falcondance, and Wolfcry by: Amelia Atwater-Rhodes(my idol), Twilight series by: Stephanie Meyers(I was a fan before Twilight was cool (; ), Cell by: Stephen King, and Blood and Chocolate by: Annette Curtis Klause(good movie, but not good with going along with the book), Eragon series (movies was horrible!)

music: Avril Lavigne, All Time Low, The Used, Anberlin, The Audition, etc...

hobbies: story writing and poem writing(duh)

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