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Silenced Soul:

Hey everyone, this is Silenced (I know corny, but Alter Ego is paranoid about those Cybertrackers or whatever) and this is my very first original fictionpress account (yes, even the name, my own alter ego is on vacation so I thought it would be proper to lend it to Alter for a while). Alter has her own account somewhere (she doesn't want me to tell you), so I’ll tell you that I:

Specialize in:

~Short stories (though I have this dislike for one-shots) ~Playing matchmaker (in my mind, at least) ~Falling in and out of love (faster than you can say ‘crush’) ~Obsessing (more than you can ever imagine) ~Planning unique ways of killing ~Listening to music and reading romance (at the same time) ~Surviving high school (albeit barely)


~High school romances (lolz, who doesn’t?) ~My mp3 ~Michael Copon ~Gaspard Ulliel

-heart- Watching:

~memories in my mind ~My life pass me by

I live and breathe in the toxic air produced by the Philippines, where I quote from Alter: "Has no Mafia".

Celebrated Halloween hand in hand with my 14th birthday last year.

(About being a teen): You don't even have to think, you just need to live.

Strange as it seems, I want to be hospitalized in Metro for two weeks someday.

Especially during a period of time where it's as busy as hell week.

I also seem to suck at my native (Tagalog) and my second (Chinese) language seeing as my Tagalog grammar reeks.

But then again, my English isn't as good as I think it is, so -shrug- what the heck.

I'm not exactly the most interesting person in the world, so... yeah, that's probably it.

Signing out,

And here's a note from Alter!

Hello mortals! Alter Ego here (Yes, I do find that name very disturbing since I am, after all, a real person) I just wanted to, uh... well, I don't really know now that I'm writing this. It's just an impulsive thing. Like of those I-am-so-friggin'-bored-there's-nothing-left-to-do stuff. Anyway, In terms of location, I am the same as Silenced Soul, has nervous breakdowns, frequently hyperventilates, and always acts like a bipolar 5 year old on crack.

-looks up- My biography seems like a footnote compared to Silenced now, doesn't it? shrugs Oh, well.


AE (Lolz)

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