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This comment was deleted when a bright man pointed out its inherent hypocrisy to me. It has been replaced by this innocuous statement.

Again, the profile is out of date. But here I shall attempt to rectify that.

A note, thanks to all our veterans out there who served in past wars and to the soldiers in our current conflicts. You have my deepest respect and gratitude.

Hell year has, unfortunately, not turned out to be conducive to writing at all. Ironically enough, English is the course that's killing me most, although US history and Physics can go flush themselves down metaphorical toilets as well. My writing has suffered greatly--in fact, I'm not sure I've worked on a long-term project at all since the start of the school year. I'm a little scared about what that might mean for my writing, but gyahonicnosdifhigerk. And yes, that is my noise of suffering.

My Plans have more or less failed totally to come to fruition, but hell, what can you do? Hopefully things will happen in the future, if not...well.

NaNoWriMo, will you taunt me forever with my inability to actually do work? Dammit, I meant to have started something by now (the twelfth). My theory being that even if I don't get all 50,000 words done, at least I'd have some material to work with. But no, instead my constant theatre work and homework will join forces to keep me from actually writing at all. Bleah.

And that about sums this period of time up: unproductive and annoying.

The debate forum seems pretty much dead right now, and I have no pressing issues, but if you have anything evenly mildly controversial, I encourage you to put it up there. I (and hopefully others) will certainly respond.

Story Updates:

The Hack-- /Stabs real life and procrastination with a huge sword/ DIE! DIE!

Something Wicked This Way Comes--Written for English class, the assignment was to take a title or opening line from Bradbury and write a short story based on it. I used both. This is a one-shot, so there's not that much to be said. I just figured if the only creative pieces I'm gonna turn out now are gonna be short stories for class, I may as well post those and contribute to the community.

Summer Rituals--Essentially the same as above, here the opener had to be a sentence from Dandelion Wine. Believe it or not, my teacher did not send me to the school psychiatrist after reading this--in fact, she gave me an A+ for content. Wondering why I say this? Read and review the story!

In an effort to get more reviews I am offering a special (but not original) deal!! IF YOU REVIEW A STORY (not a poem, please, unless you really want to--I don't care so much about those) I WILL REVIEW SOMETHING OF YOURS!! What's more, I'll actually review, rather than just saying "Wow, great story dude, you are teh bomb!" However, I do require that the reviews I am sent also live up to my standards. In simple terms, if you actually review and critique, so will I.

Review, dammit.

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