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Hmmm... so about me eh? Well...

Name: Gingitsune... that's all ya get.

Age: 19 now!! Boo-yah!

Well... I should be concentrating on settling affairs for college, but I'm too busy trying to write stories...

Abandoned: Abandoned has been conceptual for a VERY long time now. Still is, I suppose, since I've recently and completely rewritten it! It's now from the perspective of a boy named Aiden Driscol, a very intelligent boy who is antisocial and yet retains much of his innocence despite the vast horrors he has encountered over his life. He soon meets a vampire named Keory who suffers from trying to deal with his 'curse.' He can't stand what he is but despite that, is trying to live, facing century after century alone. The two characters are drawn together, but it seems only strife and suffering comes from being together. I want this story to have depth and humanity (as well as be a slashy romance. Gotta have those taboos!).

--I want it to be known that the story is dark... and not because brutal things happen. I want it to show people for how they are, and not so much what people portray to others.

I would feel very much honored if ya were to read meh stories and comment on them however you see fit! I want to progress in my writing and it's always a wonderful thing when others help!

Thank ya for... I guess, somewhat getting to know me! O_O;; Ahem... Please read!!

Arigatou Gozaimasu!

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