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I am just your average college girl who's ambition is to work in a museum someday!

A history major with a minor in Italiano.

A 20 year old who loves to write stories mostly about vampires if you can't tell ;).

Just your average American who loves nachos as much as sesame chicken!

I am a girl who loves to travel, especially Europe!

A girl who misses Firenze and left half of my heart in Italy

Is just as happy to hang with friends or being alone and watching a movie!

A tad too obsessed with Twilight and Vampire Chronicles.

Would marry Johnny Depp or Gerard Butler on the spot.

The sound of Gerard Butler's voice makes me swoon

The youngest of 3 kids!

All of my creations are original, not fanfic. All the characters, stories, etc belong to me the writer. The story "Luring Medleys" is also a combined story that is attributed to my good friend PassionsHeart from Quizilla. She and I write the story together as a joint effort :D and it's a lot of fun! So half of that story is acredited to her :)! She gave me her permission so that I could post our wonderful joint story here on Fiction Press for all the readers to enjoy ! Her other stories on Quizilla are great reads too :) I highly recommend them!

Hey everybody =D, Lulu here! Well some basic info on me. I just finished up my sophomore year at college, and will be a rising junior this Fall! I am a History major, with a minor in Italian. I absolutely LOVE writing stories, especially stories that deal with the supernatural (vampires, werewolves, etc.) I originally started writing on Quizilla in March 2006, and all my older stories are there (and gosh are they horrible x_x) so I only post my newer and better stories on here :D! So I hope you like my stories and review them. I LOVE reviews! Review me and I will review you back :D! So please read my stories and enjoy them!

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