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This is my account http://www.fanfiction.net/~rikufanattic

I'd like to start off and say hello. So, hi... I suppose. Oh that's not my REAL name, just thought I'd let you know...

Anyway I like writing/ typing up stories I mean it's a good thing... Well at least to me it is. I like anime and videogames, so that's where I get my ideas from, sort of anyway. I like to draw and I play the piano, other than that I'm a regular highschool student as far as I can say.

I love the whole idea of kitsune, and demons, even though I know that a kitsune is a fox spirit, but eh... I don't know, but anyway yeah I love anime to no end, so I'm kinda out there sometimes, but that's a good thing, at least for me it is.

I might end up listing my anime... I know I'm going to so I might as well.
Anime/ Manga
.hack Legend of the Twilight
Air Gear
Chrno Crusade
Fooly Cooly
Fullmetal Alchemist
Fruits Basket
Ghost in the Shell
Gunslinger Girl
Kiddy Grade
Last Exile
Wolf's Rain

Ghost in the Shell SAC
Star Ocean till the end of time
Kingdom Hearts
Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories
Kingdom Hearts II
Final Fantasy VII
Dirge of Cerberus
Phantasy Star Universe
Fullmetal Alchemist Broken Angel
Red Ninja
Magna carta Tears of Blood

I'm single?... Yeah that sounds about right, I 'm just saying it because that's where I stand right now. I'm 17 years old and well yeah that's al I can think of right now... I live in California, heh...

P.S if you feel like talking my YIM is... selpez

My mind tends to wander, so expect stories left and right from me.

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