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.h i h i h i.

i'm a girl, i'm in high school, and musical theatre is my passion (but not my future).
i have a slight obsession with icebreaker sours and funky pens.
i dream, i hope, i live, and i love,
so i sing to the stars.

~previously known as omgit'swickedjelly~

.n o t e s n o t e s n o t e s.

June 5, 2009 → as you can probably see, i changed my penname. love it, hate it, i might change it again, but i couldn't continue writing under the old one. i am a completely different person than i was two years ago, it just didn't feel right to keep it any longer. but never fear-- i will always be known as jelly. :)

and remember: and beat google anyday. giving a penny to charity everytime you search for something? now that's nifty.

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