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Quotes: First go look at luicia's profile if you want to see some of the funniest quotes I've ever seen!!!

-student "Shutup!" Teacher "That's not nice!" student "Shutup please!" teacher "That's better."--student/teacher(dur) - yeeeaaahhhh...no - ME
- One social life, going cheep, rarely used - ME
- I have a tendancy to whear my mind on my sleave, I have a history of loosing my shirt. - bear naked ladies
Somewhere, somehow, Brain started to hear the cries of Toes and Spleen (who were all out looking for Brain) and Brain finally got a clue and figured out that it’s presence would be greatly appreciated. - In a fanfiction on inuyasha by - Pwalefriend
- "The stock markets are slow today, because they are closed" -- some chick on BBC world--hmmmm geee, then the SLOW comment kinda goes without saying HUH?!?!
- "I will give you the compase if you do strange things to my dog, his name is tim" -- "Jack Sparow" (Johnny Depp -_-') in the bloopers -
- "We shouldn't elect a president who is affraid of premature evacuation" -- Jane Fonda -- Colbert report -- On the subject of the 2008 presidential elections (US) -- said while sitting on the lap of stephen colbert -- May 09 2007.

"look, mum didn't put a letter on your's ron. I guess she thinks you know your name, but she soulden't worry, we know our names are Gred and Feorge" -- harry potter book one

-"Somethings happening to me!" I shouted. "You're dying, that's all; don't be a fool. Don't you have any oil lamps? All this money and you can't afford whale oil except for that lantern. Bring me that lantern." "Dying!" I shouted. "Dying!?" "It happens to everyone,"--"Interview With A Vampire"--By Anne Rice

a quick pointer. El Divo (the singing guys) should Never be aloud to sing songs from "west side story" ESPECIALLY the song Maria sings at the end.

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