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17, living in lindsay Ontraio, woo hoo, and I write because i like to.

Typical profile, neh?

Teenage boy who writes to fill spare time, astounding. Well, I've lived a varied life, moving to everywhere from florida to china over the past 17 years, so I suppose that adds to the story bank slightly.

If i can suggest one story of mine, The Pith, my one true love, it is nothing like what it someday will be, but for now, it's the best i have. I suggest multiple readings, as the first readthrough never really reveals all. I say that because I myself had to read it through to realize just how many levels i had put into it. I wont go so far as to say i wrote it in a dream or something, but i was dead tired and was on a writing spree when i did, got the first draft done in a day, second draft done two days later, and the final draft done a week later. The second and thrid drafts were obviously not pushed by sleep deprivation, but hell, the first one was and i go a bit weird when I havent slept in a while. Anyway, you read it and find out yourself.

The comedy stuff aint so bad. If any of you want a quick read and have dogs, then Dog is for you. Canada guy if you are in for some good old fashioned canadianna.

Anyway, why waste time reading this when theres better things to read out there, neh?


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