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So as of right now, I'm having this sudden and weird urge to update my profile. Shall we begin?

Age: I am currently 18 years old.

Religion: For me, my religion plays a huge part in how I approach writing and how I approach topics that I write about. I'm Church of Christ, but I have been exposed to other denominations and religions, so I'm not entirely sheltered. I am not a strict Church of Christ goer, so I have no problem with many things, but there are a few that I may write about but not necessarily encourage in every day life.

Favorite Books: Seeing as this is a site where you can write things, this seems very relevant. As of now some of my favorite books are the autobiographical books by Nic Sheff as well as his father, The Secret History, anything by Chuck Palahniuk, Crime and Punishment, The Grapes of Wrath, Johnny Got His Gun, The Perks of Being a Wallflower and anything by Ellen Hopkins.

Favorite Movies/TV Shows: Movies and TV are some of my most favorite things to do. As far as movies go I like...Titanic, Sweeney Todd, P.S. I Love You, The Dark Knight, 27 Dresses, Amazing Grace, Weekend at Bernie's, Across the Universe, Salem's Lot, Van Helsing and my all-time favorite The Little Mermaid. Being at college means I don't have many opportunities to watch television, but when I do watch TV I enjoy Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Switched at Birth, Doctor Who and probably a few others I cannot think of right now.

Music: Music plays a huge role when I write. Usually when I listen to a song I get inspiration out the wazoo. Such as for Maybe Isn't Good Enough I listened to Thunder by Boys Like Girls about eight or nine times in a row because it was just the most amazing song then. As for now. . . I really get inspiration from Blue October. Yet, while I write, I love to listen to fun., He is We, Florence and the Machine, Ellie Goulding, Young the Giant, Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, Scars on 45, Maroon 5, Ed Sheeran, City and Colour, Bon Iver and Glen Hansard.

Other contact? If you would really like to contact me you can email me or private message me.

What I write: I'm definitely a romantic when it comes to writing. I do not actually believe in romance or that "one perfect person," but I do enjoy the thought of that occurring. I may try to be funny, but usually not. Horror is also not one of my strong suits, nor is an adventure tale. I enjoy writing about every day situations and either heightening them or adding new elements. Most of my characters are based on my friends or people I know in my life. Many stories are also inspired by them giving me a topic and telling me to write. I love a push and what they ask usually works wonders. :)

In-Progress Story Summaries

Broken Commitments- Tara, committed to sexual purity since 8th grade, has just broken the most important commitment in her entire life. A few weeks after breaking that commitment, she finds out that she is pregnant. As Tara struggles with the moral battle against her mom, the emotional issue with herself, and the stress that is building up between her and her fiance, she finds more to herself than she could ever imagine.

Little commentary: It has officially been about 5 years since I've started this story. I do really want to rewrite it, using the knowledge of writing I have now. This will not happen in the near future, but it will happen at some point. Until then, you can enjoy what is there, although it will not be as good as you might hope.

In-The-Works Story Summaries

Brookwood (a series)-I'm going to make this a cliche series of stories about different people at a school called Brookwood. Beware of many cliche moments and cheesy chapters.

1st story summary, title:Let Me Entertain You: Amber has been at Brookwood schools her whole life. She has the perfect best friend, the perfect boyfriend, and an arrogantly perfect brother. Yet, when she receives some news enacted by her lifetime enemy, her world is turned upside down.

2nd story summary, title:There's Someone New at Brookwood: It's Tyger's first year of school since rehab. When she comes back, she'll have to face some pretty big temptations. When giving into one, her whole life is flip-flopped and she must depend on all her friends for help. Will they be able to help her get through it? Or will Tyger be lost to drugs forever?

Title Not Decided- Ilyssa Swener was the victim in a horrible car accident. About six months later she's still in physical therapy to learn how to walk and use her hands like she used to. At one physical therapy session, her doctor tells her that she'll never be able to do what she loved again--playing the piano. What's worse is that her rock and guardian, her sister Leanna, is moving and has hired a new caretaker, Paul. Can Ilyssa learn to like her new caretaker? And can she learn to deal with the fact that she can never play piano again?

Intertwined- When the lives of a teenage straight-A student, an office worker with a dark secret, and an artist with a seemingly normal life intertwine, the results are a mixture of happiness, woe, and learning the basic lessons of life.

Completed Story Summaries

Jamie Lee- This is my first fictionpress story and is complete.

It's About Time- My first one-shot. It was a short story written for school.

Maybe Isn't Good Enough- Another one-shot.

Snail Race- Poem for English about a snail race.

Maybe Is Good Enough- Another one-shot. Opposite of Maybe ISNT Good Enough.

Nightmares- Story for English class.

All I Have Left- This is a poem for English. We had to write a war based poem because we were reading All Quiet On The Western Front.

The Girl and the Doll- Poem thing written for English for our fable project. Based on The Dog and the Manger.

Two Hearts- A poem I wrote in twenty minutes and it's for a literary magazine at school.

I Never Was, Until You- A short romantic tale about Carter and Annemarie. A couple destined to be together, but threatened to be torn apart. One-Shot.

Just Another Christmas- Based on my actual life, although most of the background is made up. One-shot.


The stories I write are completely and fully fictional. They aren't based on anyone or anything I've met or done. This statement is put on hold for pieces I post from my English class because they are usually based on fables, books, or stories. It is also put on hold for pieces that I bluntly state where I got the inspiration from. I appreciate reviews, but please, keep rude comments to private messages or the such (I appreciate criticism in reviews, just not "this sucks" or "this is horrible"). I also have no guarantee to when I'll update. I just recently started college and the workload is killer. I hope you enjoy my stories and don't be afraid to PM or email me if you have any comments or questions!

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