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My name is Frostfire15, but, please, call me Frosty.

I am a successful fanfiction writer who's trying to move onto more original work.

Please help me with my goal by reading and reviewing stories I will post soon.

News Bulletins- 2-21-09- Just posted 4 poems! Ode to the Evil, Hair-plucking Chairs at my School, The American Revolution's Resolution, Txtin Poem, and The Fools, the Friends, and the Flaws.

About me- Used to be a fanfiction writer, but now... I've lost interest. I'm not sure what else to put up here.

Likes: Watching my friends play soccer, laptops, GMail, Microsoft Word, ice, bonfires, roller coasters, animals in general, my friends and my crazy editor.

Dislikes: Unsharpened pencils, uncaring people, actually playing soccer, Facebook, MySpace, Twilight series (before you say anything, I tried to read the book), pain, needles, and really high heights.

Favorite Books: Rocket Boys by Homer Hickam Jr, I am the Messenger by Markus Zusak, The Inheritance Series, the Harry Potter Series, The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen, Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith By Matthew Stover, and 1984 by George Orwell.

Favorite Movies: Men in Black, Star Wars, Night at the Museum, The Lion King, The Truman Show, Shanghai Knights/Shanghai Dawn and Pirates of the Carribbean.

TV Shows: House MD, Family Guy, Lie to Me

Music: Cobra Starship, Panic! At the Disco (I refuse to get rid of the !), Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance

Stories- Elyse Huberstein: A Story of Gene Doping: Elyse Huberstein was a normal highschool student on her track team, until her coach decided to use gene-inhancing drugs on her, drugs that could've taken her life. A story for English class.

Poems- Ode to the Evil, Hair-plucking Chairs at my School:

The American Revolution's Resolution

Txtin Poem

The Fools, the Friends, and the Flaws.

Stories to Look Out for-

All the World's a Stage- Life's not boring. Not for us, at least. Kisses at camp, (almost) falling out of cars, and guys curling their hair at 2 am? We definitely are el jugadores. (Collection of real-life drabbles)

(Currently Untitled)- He was a demon, dead and rejected from heaven. Kind, loyal, and compassionate, yet one tiny mistake ruined his (after)life forever. His quest is ready.


"Silly rabbit, Tricks are for-" "BANG, HEADSHOT, DOWN!"

"Ben Franklin was known as a notorious flirt?!"

"It is no more than the downfall of greatness, but no less than the rise of idiocy. Call it what you will, for it has no name. Anyway, this isn't a fairy tale, it happened, or at least, we think it did. But I was thereā€¦or was it just my imagination?"

"Est-ce que tu pense, Capitain Georges?"

"My mom used to say that raising kids is like baking cookies. You put in all the right ingredients, mix it up, put it in the oven, and leave it. Maybe you poke it once or twice when it's in the oven." "... I like the poking part."

"I think your "Brazilianese" just killed your "American"."

"Je suis une pamplemousse dans la voiture orange!"

"Life is like cheese... Things aren't perfect. Sometimes it gets old and sometimes it smells bad. And sometimes it's French."

"Would you like caffinated, decaf, or BLOOD!?"

"Please observe the random disturbing outbursts of frilly flirtatiousness."

"I'm just hydroaffectionate."

"Je ete ici!"

Love all, trust me.


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