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I'm a scribbler. It's my way of making sense out of the jumbled circus that is my mind.

I love to give real, honest reviews for the purpose of encouraging other writers. I will do so as long as it doesn't conflict with my code of conduct.

Code of Conduct: I don't use profanity or take God’s name for granted in my writing. Same goes for explicit sexual content.

Daughters of the King's Forest (Dotkf)

So, I tried my hand at fantasy by doing a sort of Tetris-like placing of fairy tales. Hunting them up in their most fundamental forms available to me, I set out on a rediscovery of Greek and Norse myth and general legend, along with a few historical accounts thrown into the mix. The languages of the three main races - Faere, Nayar, and Kyndciant - are extracted from a hodgepodge of languages, paired with my own creative license.

The more I sketched the story, the more familiar it became. I felt a bond with Tolkien after hitting plot trails that explained to me why he used a certain theme; or I'd begin to construct a character's name and - Voila! - 'Elendil' or 'Moria' would stare back at me.

'So, why is this story so horrifically bad?' you might be asking. Because it was my first real try at the fantasy environment. And if you look carefully between the lines, you'll find claw marks where my nails etched their dissatisfaction at having to take the tale too far from reality with any superfluous attacks of magic. If you're still reading, you might also be wondering why I left the embarrassing trash up. Simply to let you know where I began. It's cringe-worthy, yes, but you should see how much better I'm writing now! ~grins~ Maybe someday you will! ;)

Five Afflictions of Online Fiction Writers

A guide disguised as a series of medical journal entries. I've been afflicted with these disorders, I admit it.

The Review Addiction - Featured at Project Fiction ()

"Five Afflictions" was so well received a follow-up had to be attempted. Instead of medical journal entries, this guide is from the point of view of a writer digging up the information to expose the truth. I deny having any contact with that writer in any chapters that succeed the 5th one. ~shifts eyes warily~

Earth Trolley

Eva, a fellow-writer on fanfiction, gave me a prompt for a story where a trolley plays a significant role. ("Trolley" is the New Zealand term for a shopping buggy or cart). My mind was a complete blank until a week before it was due. The plot struck like lightning one evening, and I wrote it while traveling. I generally find it a challenge to write short stories. Plus, the prompts I've written for I can count on one hand. Writing this story was a total win for me. And the ending made me smile. I hope it makes you smile, too.

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