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Well hey whats up! My name is Caitlin I am 17 going on 18 in August which i cant wait for. I play volleyball and I am mostly a good student but school is just not for me it seems...its too boring and time consuming. I love to write, draw and listen to music. Most of my poems are about either my feelings, thoughts/emotions or about my surroundings. Also most of them are just something that comes to me like a vision but not really they are more like random thoughts that pass through my mind at any time and i turn those thoughts into poems. I'm sorry if you feel that most of my poems are depressing, some are meant to be but others are not they just seem to effect certain people in that way i guess. If you think some are not depressing than thats awesome for those poems are either about my family, friends or my boyfriend mark which i love with all my heart. Well thats enough about me hopefully my poems can tell you more. Well i hope you enjoy them all let me know what you really think no hard feelings here.

Well best of luck to you!!!!!

Love Cait

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