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I have nothing to say except don't waste your time reading my stories because they are bad ( I'm not being modest ) however I will review your story so just ask. I can't write however I do like to believe that I can edit stories fairly well. Anyway I might post something worth reading in which case I'll be more surprised than you can imagine and will add it in caps lock to this profile page.

To send me your story titles to review use the review thing for the stories because quite frankly I don't want random (possibly creepy, and sick) people e-mailing me.

Congrats on finishing reading this extremely useless profile page!

If for some reason you want to know more about me here's a list:

- I'm human

- I like to read

- Food is good

- I'm not emo nor prep

That's about it...I'm not disclosing my life to a computer screen, it would just be odd...yes...odddddd...ahaha...


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