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Scene: A young woman clothed in headscarf, baggy, striped long shirt and jeans that look the worse for their wear stretches langorously as she types at her beaten-up old computer, the open window displaying a rough chicken-scratched garden. Birdcalls and the faint sound of a distant mower blend in with the odd mixture of folk, rock, A capella, classical and pop music that blares quietly from her computer speakers. She blinks her hazel eyes and brushes away the tendrils of waved dark hair that drip incessantly into face. Her ever present muse floats discreetly behind her shoulder, silently egging her on. He wonders what it will be this time. A brief poem? A story? Perhaps a political statement. Knowing that if she turned around he would vanish, the woman pretends to be oblivious, and she smiles sardonically before preparing to write.

Good tidings unknown one. My nomme de guerre is Erisah Mae, and is anagrammatical of my true cognomen if the addition of an R is made. I veer most verbose, as I am currently disinterested with the way the English Language is utilised by the cathode ray absorbed masses whom are living in their own monochromatic dream worlds. Personally, I consider the metaphysical secondary to reality, however, I daresay that my natural cynical curiousity is the cause of my superior understanding of both the British-derived tongue and the so-called "big picture" of interwoven experiences that dictate the shallow stereotypes that are sustained by mixed media of soap operas and the common cliches that are held as a safety blanket against the unfamiliar, the unique, or simply the unusual.

Still with me? I wrote the above when I was in a smart-arse mood, and I have a strange feeling of affection for it. Forgive me for a little self-indulgence in my profile- I've just now shortened it for all your conveniences ;). There now, don't you all feel special?

In case you were wondering, I am in fact 20-something, female, and both like and severely unlike all of my characters... and as a general rule, the older the fic, the more tempted I am to remove it from this website, and the less likely I am to care what you think about it.

On the other hand, reviews on my newer works in progress are always appreciated.

#Near Obligatory Quasi-Inspirational Quotes:#

Life unexamined is not worth living.

I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it!

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