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I suppose this is where I say something about myself, right?

Well my name is Erick, though I prefer Toxin.

I'm young, and have an average build... wait... this isn't eharmony. XP

Well, I'm a nice guy I like to review the work of other authors and recieve them as well. I prefer tough reviews though, I don't like constant compliments, that's not helping me too much.

My writing style: Well, I like for my writing to mean something, each of my stories hits some kinda issue. Inside my head, if you read it is obvious, it kinda tackles important topics that I've got on my mind. Unattraction is about relationships while at the same time being a comedy. Rune's children, though it might not be obvious, is about justice and what's fair, though I haven't quite gotten there yet.

The section below this is for updates to my stories and the like.

9/30/07-- I hope to have another chapter of either Unattraction or Rune's children up by the end of October. If you want just send me a PM suggesting what you want me to update first. I hope people liked the debut of Inside My Head, this won't be updated regularly, just when I feel like it. I think that's all for today, bye.

1/7/08-- Took down all Rune Children chapters... Gonna go over them and post 'em back. After the changes you might actually want to take a second to reread them. OR I might just decide to start it all over... Not sure yet... but the second might honestly be the best choice. I didn't think it out thouroughly enough... Well, in time. Later. P.S I lol'd after I read the first update. I never meet deadlines.

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