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Hello Everyone! I'm Samantha formerly known as brunettebarbie14!

A little about me and fanfiction/fictionpress..I love it ;)

You can also find me on fanfiction.net (same user name bb-14) I actually have a King Arthur short story on there and it's awful haha. I wrote it when I was 12 and I have no patience to rewrite it.

If you want to talk just email me! I'm happy to meet new people!

To me books are essential to life.

I love many types of story genres but my favorite would probably be historical, supernatural, and romance! I know I'm a silly romantic but seriously who isn't?
History is fascinating to me and Supernatural well... what girl doesn't like vampires and werewolves ;)

Also I would like to thank all the authors out there for posting their stories and poetry on fictionpress and fanfiction, and putting them out there for people like little ol' me to read and enjoy. You guys are great and keep on writing!

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