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This is my first time writing stories, so if you would please read them, and give me some feedback, I will love you forever!

Oh, and my friend has my story on her fictionpress account, so I know about that, no need to warn me :)

Her Screenname is Lady Taisho-Slytherin, so if anyone ELSE copies it, I would majorly appreciate it if you told me!

Sorry about the mishap earlier, with the author inserts at the beginning saying that it was my friends story, that was for when it was published on her fanfiction thing, and I forgot to take them out, but it's all taken care of now!

Oh! And if anyone would like to get in contact with me, my aim sn is Rascelrocky :)

Love you all =


OH and one of my same friend has a really great story on fanfiction . net her link is below. I really advise reading it, In the Light of a Jewel, it's awesome :)


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