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Name: Eri
Age: 19
Location: University of Cincinnati
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single
Zodiac Symbol: Capricorn
Activities: Creating eHarmony accounts (just for giggles), writing (obviously), procrastination, reading, National Novel Writing Month (), music, crafty things (scrapbooking and knitting and a few other things), baking, and a whole bunch of other crap.


Well currently everything is on hold. I've kind of just lost my motivation for writing, which is kind of depressing. I have started a new project and I'm kind of excited about it, though I'm just working on character sketches and the general outline (figured I better have a general direction to go in). As soon as I get it outlined and have a few chapters written I'll start posting it. (Read: Sometime before the end of the August with sporadic updates.)

Just as a little side note, please don't flip if something gets taken down. I've been seeing a lot of my favorite stories being taken down/discontinued due to plagiarism so if I catch wind of it they'll go down immediately. Also if something seems to be going really well as in I finish it or have a very good idea of where its going and how its going to end I might end up stopping abruptly and attempting to get it published. Also I'm trying to figure out how to make a website where I might self host everything so if you know anything about this please drop me a comment or a message or even email me at: emaysng@. Any and all help is appreciated. :) Thanks for being so loyal guys!

Lots of Love and Ink,



Crumpled Paper Hearts (On Hiatus)
Silent Whispers, Silent Tears (On Hiatus)
The European Affair (On Hiatus)


Spray Paint Love (Yay! Something actually got finished!)

Coming Soon:

Untitled Project (When Lightening Strikes You Just Gotta Ride Out The Current)
The ABC's of L-O-V-E (Momentarily Abandoned Due To A Wayward Muse)

PLEASE NOTE: All stories have been removed until further notice. (They have been taken down for safety reasons (i.e. so they can't be plagiarized) or for major work (i.e. an editing overhaul.))

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