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Hi, my name is Kat Lee. I'm 20, from Perth, Australia. I was an active writer on fictionpress quite a few years ago. Hopefully you'll like my new material as much as you've liked my old stuff. I like to do a lot of creative things in my spare time: writing, photography, and designing.

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Girlfriend for Hire (Incomplete) 2013

It was a job and it paid well, based on four simple rules: One stranger, one night, one act, for one thousand dollars. It was as simple as that until he hired her. He broke all the rules. And she liked it.

Chapter 1: Out Now

Chapter 2: Out Now

Bite Me (Incomplete) 2008

I hated all guys, they always tend to just be so egotistical, self obsessed, arrogant, cocky... Well you get the idea. But then again he isn't exactly a guy, more specifically he isnt actually human. So like me to fall for a vampire, a mythical creature, something fictional. So I got kidnapped by a vampire who was sent to kill me, and if that’s not complicated enough I just had to fall in love with him.

Chapter 11: Out Now

103 Reasons To Hate Him (Incomplete) 2009

She hates him, he hates her. He's THE jock and is everything she's always hated. She's the rebel, but is everything he's always needed. After a joke taken too far, they're stuck with each other in Detention for a full Semester. So, what now?

Chapter 2: Out Now

Because You're Cute When You're Jealous (Complete) 2008

I love him. He likes her. Right? …Right?

Open Doors (Complete) 2007

I couldn’t like him, he was DEAN. DEAN PETERS! Everyone liked him, but I didn’t want to be like everyone. Right?

It was hard to concentrate as he looked into my eyes, and all I could do was stare back like some idiot. My heart was doing something It never did before. It was out of control. I started to realise simple things such as breathing were getting harder to do, as I looked into his eyes.

That’s when I realized… I was in love with Dean Peters

She’s Beautiful, but completely oblivious. He’s hot, but amazingly immature. Leigh and Dean were best friends growing up, but got split up at the age of 8. She returns to find Dean a totally different person from her memory. Could that chubby, cute little boy be the same person as the dirty blonde, well built, deep blue eyed jock standing in front of her? Apparently yes, it could…

Leigh’s returned to the place where she grew up. California. It’s been 9 years since she’s returned home, and 9 years since she’s seen DEAN. When she returns to her school Renolds High, it’s different from what she remembers, more importantly HE'S different from what she remembers. He’s the typical jock who cares about parties, girls, and parties. But when he’s with her all his previous cares disintegrate. Soon she finds herself falling for the jock that everyone wants. But the most important question is, is he falling for her?

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