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JenkiFollesdal PM
Joined Apr '07

I'm Jenki.

It's pronounced "Yen-kee," not "Jenkee" or "Yankee" or "Jinkies" or whatever. My last name is Føllesdal and it's pronounced "Fihl-less-dahl". Yeah, that funny little 'o' makes an 'i' sound.

I am el-transsexual-o.

I like guys and girls.

I'm 5'4".

I weigh 95 lb.

If someone comments on something without saying anything bad about it, I get paranoid and start rewriting the whole thing.

This is an adopted name.

Compared to you, I'm probably just a child.

I've been playing piano for 9 years.

Online, I act like I have a stick shoved up my ass, unless you can make me really excited.

Offline, I act in a way that some people call "bipolar." But I'm not. I'm just hyper. Then depressed. Then hyper again. Then angry. AND, THEN, AFTER ALL THAT, I'M A PSEUDO-INTELLECTUAL.

I want to write a novel, but I'm too lazy to get hooked on anything.

Sorry, fans. );

I love vikings.

I love Norsk (the Norwegian language).

I love MMORPGs with a point.

. . .I want Mac 'n' Cheese. :c

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