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Hey. I'm evil. evil laughter Dont hate me cause Im evil. Hate me cause your jealous.

I am no writer, however I am a reader. Check out my Favs list. Good stuff. Honestly.

Name: Kira J. ( my name literally means "Black Sea of Biterness" no lie.)

Lives: in my own mind

Age: somewhere in the middle

Occupation: Part time spy, Part time life coach, Part time evil genious

Loves: things that are different from what is condidered "normal", my friends( i love them above ALL), book, music!!, Disney, to laugh, cliche, humor, comfy things, reviews, nerds, geeks, to be loved, dramatic exits, funny buttons, the word "jam".

Hates: preps(GAGS), some of my relations shifty eyes, being judged, country music, sell outs, liars, fake people, people who treat my friends badly, people who correct my grammar, myself, my mood swings, predictable people, and high school.

Here are some quotes for your amusment.

Some of my Fav Quotes
Hard work never killed anybody, but why take a chance?

If Bratzs are so popular, why do you have to buy their friends?

A computer once beat me at chess, but it was no match for me at kick boxing

He who laughs last didn't get it.

When life gives u lemons, throw them at life.

Be Yourself, Don't take anyone's shit and never let them take you alive...- Gerard Way MCR

These are facts. So simple. So true.

Justin Timberlake did NOT bring sexy back.

Sarcasm is extreamly funny.

All you need is love.

Music soothes the soul.

Chocolate solves problems.

Girls like cars and money. Boys will laugh at girl when they're not funny.

Pride and Prejudice is the best romance ever written.

"smarmy bastard" is the funest insult to say.

"fagalishious goober nugget noobcake" is the most creative.

Avril Lavine sold out that bitch.

A best friend is a sister destiny forgot to give you. ( i have 3: Katie, Steph, and Li Li i love u )

Preps smell funny.

Hannah Montana need to get run over. not DIE of coarse. just have her vocal cords be hurt enough that she can never sing again.

I am a proud closet romantic.

Im a nerd. but im a Chek nerd. so u know what that means? that means i dont care

The Beatles are the best band in the history of music.

Although My Chemical Romance is right up there too.

" OK look. here is a shiny penny. go to CVS and buy a life."

" does waggaling eyebrow thing Shut your freaking eyebrows up"

"yeah...well...IM TALLER THAN YOU."

"good boy." "Wait did you call me a good boy?!" "no she said good girl." burn

Riku is too sexy for his shirt.

Sora is my prince swoon

Dance like no one is watching.

"Is Ned short for something?"..."Nedly?"

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