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my name Is Alice, im Special in a Special kinda Way. If there's a Way I can be Indirect in What I say, I will Take that Way and I will Enjoy it very Much.

I'm Not so Good at Talking About myself, i Don't brag about Much, Like nothing At all. Although i Am Purty awesome if I do Say so Myself.

i Like:

Ice Creamz

Random Shoutings

Surprising Things

Totem Poles

My Native American Heritage



Painting (right now im Working On my secong Wall, Yes im Painting Murals on My walls)

Random Capitalization

Not Regretting Anything that I do

Maximum the Hormone

my Friends


Big Comfy clothes

belt Buckles that Are seat belts in Disguise

Correct Spelling (it Upsets me if anything that i spell is unintentionally misspelled)

Random Trips to the mall to go to Spencer's

Not being restricted in Any way other than by my own

i Dislike:

The air being So warm That i Sweat

Being Grounded

Being told what not to Do

Having Long Hair (it Doesnt Look good On me)

Being Caught doing something That i "Shouldn't Be Doing"

Artist Blocks

Staying in My Parents House


not Having Flats

My mom

Normal "Clothes Shopping"

Being Overestimated

being Guilt Tripped


And Basically all you People need to Know about lil ol' Me. Now, uhm jah, go read other people's stories...

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