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04/04/13 - It's true, I've come out of hiding. Check out my new work in progress, The Ripple Lure.

I go by Cassie, I'm twenty-two, and I love writing and reading as much as the next Fictionpress wanderer. I don't really stick with a single type of writing or even a single genre, so you can pretty much expect anything and everything from me. I love to surprise and shock people. Hope you enjoy yourselves as much as I do when I'm hopping around Fictionpress.

Psst...The Fictionpress Supernatural Stories Awards 2008. A wonderful place where supernatural stories can get together and absorb each other's awesomeness. www.fictionpress.com//forum/The_Fiction_Press_Supernatural_Stories_Awards_2008/2539/ for the forum
http:// for the site

Guess what? How High won best story that makes you cry laughing on the FPSS Awards! Whoo! Check out my awesometastic banner!

Guess what again? Die (Everyone's Doing It) won judges pick for the sinker portion of the hook, line, and sinker award at SKOW. Banner!

I moved all of my information over to my freewebs page, up on my homepage. So if you're curious about my stories, or just want to go check out my awesometastic site, click on over. I have pictures, summaries, short little bios, and I'm going to be putting up any new ideas I have there instead of clogging up my fictionpress account with stuff I may not finish.

Song of the Moment-- "We're All in This Together Now" by Nine Inch Nails

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