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Soooo, what's going on with you?


That's good. Awesome...


April 1, 2012

Go read all of SweetUnknown's stories immediately. That is all.

March 28, 2010

Ughhhh GROSS week. Had to put down one of my Chows because he got too aggressive and started attacking everything. Sigh, I'm gonna miss that lazy dog :( (Maybe lazy isn't the correct term since he obviously had enough energy to go after animals/people)
But anyway...

I've decided that I probably won't put any personal works up here. Instead, I'm going to just add reading suggestions in my Favorite Stories list. Favorite authors have multiple works I think you should take a peek at :)

Dec. 16, 2009

Just thought I should comment on all the plagiarism that's been happening lately. It's really depressing that some people are so lazy and unoriginal that they would resort to stealing works from writers that have put their heart and soul into producing awesome reads. NOT cool and completely unacceptable. Shame on all of you plagiarizers...That is all.

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