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Yeah, so here I am. ole Tubby. A redneck from the booneyville of Winston-Salem. Just startin college, but I gotta take a semester off to get a job, and get my truck back on the road. (bad time to look for a job, but I can't just sit at the house and get in trouble for a living, plus, I need the money.) Some of ya'll might know where I'm comin from on that. Well, let me get on, I got some things to tend to, but just holler at me if ya got any questions.

March 17,2009

Well what's up ya'll? Just checkin back in here to see what's goin on. Got a few more things writ, but (yes I know it's spelled wrong, so theer) I don't wanna put them on yet. Gotta finish one of the one's I'm still workin' on before I put up one that's done...always gotta have fresh stuff in backup. Oh well. I'm almost out of things to write about cause A lot of what I write about was for one of my ex's (not everything and don't try to guess what was and what wasn't) and I think I'm about over her enough to move on. That or I'm just tired of hurtin' every time I run through a memory. Either way, I'm running out of writing base, so it might be a little bit before I give my last writings all depends...on...stuff. Peace!

May 8,2009

Yo. Got few things wrote(this time spelled right), so I can put a few more on. got some good responses on one called "To A Friend". Which is actually a letter to a friend as it says. But just to let you know, she's not the favorite ex. it's hard for someone that you've never dated to be an ex. however the letter is still true. oh well, hope you enjoy my stuff and if you feel the need for me to write something different, let me know, and don't be afraid to critique...I love constructive critisism...but in my defense, just because I listen to it, dosn't always mean I follow it.

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