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I am a Swiss / South African / Taiwanese third culture kid / missionary kid. I just finished my theological studies so now I'm a reformed pastor, but because I love studying the Bible so much I'm staying on at uni to do a doctorate. :) I have had very little time to write during my studies, so most of my stuff here is aaaancient (from my high school days) and I can't quite relate to most of it since studying theology does change you a lot. ; I will try to post some of my newer stuff now. Just check the dates, anything before 2009 is from high school!

When it comes to prose, I write mainly fantasy (because I can be flexible and invent things, and I'm more comfortable with invented settings because having moved so much, I feel I don't know any existing place or culture well enough to write about it!). Due to my studies, I have switched more to poetry and once in a while a short story. I am more active on Deviantart (deng-li-xin32) and Blogspot (desideria32). I have given myself the challenge of writing a poem for each woman in the Bible (it's a lot! And it's fun!); you can find them on those two sites.

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