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What I will say is this. Whenever I plan to write a scene I would always question if it's valid - even the little things, such as if it is possible to have shot someone in an awkward position or even like if a cup of coffee will be consumed before the end of a conversation. What's wrong is wrong and it makes it unrealistic. It's worse if it occurs in the opening of a story. To judge if I would watch something, such as an anime series, I would start with the first episode and if it is bad I'd drop it. So if these mistakes occur then I won't watch it. I remember showing a friend an episode of a racing show and he said the physicals was wrong - minor yes, but he never watched it after that. It matters.

If anyone's seen Death Note, they might understand my current situation more. I feel more like the author without an illustrator side. I seem to be running away from description and it's simply not coming out. But, I'm sure no one would want to describe out my plots, so I'll just have to try harding. Meanwhile, I'll continue writing in my own Note that doesn't send you to death.

The other issue is due to my slow reading capabilities (I seem to doze off as I read) so, I'm hoping to scout for a permanent assistant to do the beta work as proof reading a chapter probably takes longer than for me to write another chapter or 2. Besides, I have a tendency to auto-type a different word than I think yet auto translate it back. E.g. I always type 'to' and 'the' in reverse yet when I read it I can change it back and it looks right.

EleganZe... enough said. There's no point talking about a story. You're just meant to read it :p

Favorite EleganZe quotes:

"you're the one that turned him into a breast." -- Aaron

"Adults. Adults. Adults. Adults are a species of creatures that love to invent excuses for their actions and are only ever interested in porn. Oh and they start bitching about something random once they get caught too." -- Luna

“You've just wrecked the best moment in my life for years. How much longer do you wish to live for? Sorry won't save you." -- Erika

I personally don't like to talk about myself too much in a profile sense. It's boring and I'd probably take the next century worth of profiles before I stop. After all, my life itself is a story, meaning I'd have to write one. But, if you have something to say or whatever in relation to me or my stories or whatever else, feel free to PM me.

Yeah it's a new era and I should be done with those boring profiles about spirit. It's time to live on.

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