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Alright, I made this more "professional-like".

A Winged Angel is under MASSIVE construction. Honestly, it's crap. I'm rewriting EVERYTHING and starting from scratch though the general plot is just the same.

Secrets of a Bathroom Fanatic is even crapier. Don't get me started. I know it is crap so don't bother reading it. I'll fix it up once I'm done with A Winged Angel.

I know I said that I'm going to fix up A Winged Angel and SBF but I'm sorry to say that I started another story. Yes, another one. I've really gotten far with it, I'm actually writing down the whole plot before beginning with the story. With any luck, I might just finish this one.

In general, don't bother reading anything of mine first. Peace.

December 22.08= I'm taking everything down. For editing and shit. Yeah.

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