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Hello sexies.

Sweet 16, American Girl. Paint it black. And pink :)

Well, actually I'm 17 now...and I've grown up a bit. So I'd rather just paint it all white, and see everything reflected.

1.) I am a horrible person.

2.) My thought process can be very incoherent.
...But that is why I am never dull.

Eat A Pesh:

Pesh: http:///_0M4ZmGxouOA/Rw-l1D3vhZI/AAAAAAAAAts/_yqN_iHXMlU/s1600-h/Ryan2BTaylor0003.jpg -- (picture of model Ryan Taylor)

My Personal Favorites on FictionPress.

Seriously, they are UNBELIEVABLE

http://www.fictionpress.com/s/2380283/1/ -- Six Feet From Paradise, by JD Allen
Thoughts: Hilarious, most unique romanceI have ever read. I cried so hard at the end, it was that moving and perfect.

http://www.fictionpress.com/u/577058/-- profile of HGiel.
Thoughts: Probably my favorite author on FictionPress...style: bizzare, and writes the kind of things you feel guilty about imagining. So fantastic.

OH! and check out "At The End Of The Day" ... it's on my favorite stories, by Dancing ChaChaFruit.

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