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A little bit about me: I started writing slash back in the mid-aughts as a graduate student. Put some stories out (even published one with a now-defunct press under the pen name Lydia Thorne--got the Goodreads entry to back it up and everything), and attracted a very modest following.

Life as a fully-fledged grownup took its toll and creative writing fell by the wayside. Ten years later and a confluence of events including Covid lockdowns and the dusting off of old hard drives has me rediscovering my love for writing stories.

As a reader, I love spec fic, dark, manipulative main characters, and sex scenes that manage to be hot and wrong at the same time. If I've left you a vaguely (or not so vaguely) pretentious review, apologies; the tone's ingrained at this point from a career in academia.

I am a fully-fledged grownup, but I still cradle thoughtful reviews of my own work close to my tiny black heart like Gollum with his precious.

What's cooking now? I'm currently updating two stories:

1. Chill Pill is a bisexual love triangle romantic dramedy featuring a detoxing but driven addict and the men who love her (but just maybe have the potential to love each other more).

2. HPHT (look up the abbreviation if you want a somewhat spoiler-y hint about where the story's headed) is a space noir that's just getting rolling. Crime, corruption, mind games, power plays, a dash of transhumanism, and lots of kinky sex (D/S overtones).

What about the other old stories? Hey, since I came back after more than 10 years, I'll never say never, but don't hold your breath on Animus or Unplanned. All other stories are completed one-shots.

If you're looking for a self-contained read and appreciate your slash with a major helping of bleak, check out Autophobia.

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