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Name: Emeline

Age: 18yrs

Gender: Female

Nationality: British


Reason for writing: Boredom, mostly/procrastination/flooded imagination.

Favourite authors: Douglas Adams, Jonathan Stroud and G.P. Taylor.

Favourite music: Vampire weekend.

Stuff I do: sketching, horse riding, traveling...but mostly stuck at school.

Favourite subjects: Biology and Physics

Hi everyone!

Currently I'm busy with one story which I am posting here to see how things go with it.

If anyone has any suggestions, feel free to message me about them and I appreciate every review. Unfortunately I don't do the whole "You review me, I review you" deal with readers because frankly, I don't have the time. But, I never read another person's story without reviewing.

The story I'm writing a.t.m. (Killing the Copper Falcon) is still very much in progress and will probably be chopped and changed quite a lot until the end, so bare with me. If you do like it, keep an eye out because i make constant changes to all the chapters until i have them just the way I want them.

An If you like the story, and want me to continue with it, please tell me. It helps to keep me motivated and stops me from just getting bored and not finishing.


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