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I am an Empath, and I am eighteen-years-young: young enough to still be idealistic and old enough to know better. I live in the world's second home to faeries (next to Ireland of course), and that's good ol' wild and wonderful: West Virginia, USA. I am the barefoot dreamer, the riverside schemer, the teller of tales, the composer of the Siren's wales, and all such in a cup of coffee or two. But most of all I am the oxymoron -- the wise fool. I am a poet and am prone to a fit of whimsical ramblings, bumblings, wonderings, and ravings with the occasional masterpiece thrown in between. I am a free thinker most of the time, though my Muse (her name is Bob) would tell you otherwise. I am open-minded, a Taurus, liberal, Pagan, sweet, a student of life, a future elementary-school teacher, a former theatre techie, a jewelery maker, a puppeteer, lovable and laughable, crazy, sane, but most of all happy, lost in the clouds, a space cadet, and any other funny label you would chuck at me.

I encourage educated, detailed, well-developed, and well thought out critiques on any work of art or literature. As such I try to give any writer I stumble across the pleasures of constructive criticism to the best of my ability. Thank you to those who would kindly return the favor.

As a side note I would like to simply say that the world without Her poets would be devoid of thought, emotion, texture, and would then be considered utterly voiceless. This is our gift to the world.

Goddess Bless (and Bob says hello)
~~~~ Lin

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