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:Smile you know you want to:

My name is Mira.

I love

Fiction, Romance, Action, Supernatural, Adventure;

Any material that can be written.

I'm a chocolate addict,

I'm overly obsessed with vampires,

I have to be my best friend's my personal vampire,

And my other best friend just happens to be my own logic,

I know I'm walking paradox,

I confuse myself and that's just how I like it,

I have red hair, brown eyes, I'm eighteen, and I'm only like 5 feet tall,

I can be a complete idiot or genius.

I can be anything,

even air

Music calms me,

Drifting me along with it sweet melody.

Reading helps me escape,

Capturing me and kidnapping me to bring me to a world I would go willingly.

Dancing helps me feel free,

Movement of such passion and spirit that you create your own liberty.

And writing keeps me sane.

The Real World holds no interest up next to the fictional world of unrealistic characters. At least to me.

:Smile you know you want to:

:Story descriptions:

Claws and Fangs: Cassandra Lovelace is a werewolf girl constantly rebelling against anything, and everything. As a child she was warned of many things worse than what she is. The last year of high school brings in possibilities of drama. For instance, just what her family warned her of comes alive. But what happens when she's not only frightened, but intrigued.

I am currently writing this in a vague attempt to see what people think of my style of writing. I desperately am seeking constructive criticism.

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