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So, this is new for me, because I'm not really the type to just throw my poetry out there because, you know, it's me. And it's mine. My private thoughts. The only time I can show how I really feel most of the time. (I'm a closet emo-kid, hiding under a chipper, happy-go-lucky façade.)


I'm seventeen, soon to be eighteen. I'm a senior in high school, and poetry isn't really my forté. I love it to death, but mine's generally not that great. I just happen to have a bit because once I get a line into my head, I can't think of anything else until I get the poem out. (I write stories on ff . net, so writer's block sucks for me. http : // www . fanfiction . net/ itstartedwithapaopu == for those that happen to care--please don't feel obligated.)

Uh... Well, that's all about me...

Man, I kinda want to write something inspiring on here, you know? But I don't have anything! Grr. That frustrates me.


(go read empathic life's stuff. she's my bestest friend and needs luv.)

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