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Hi everyone i'm fire clan angel

name: Miranda B.

age: wouldn't you like to know

eyes: hazel grey

hair: caramel brown

appearance: usually wears a turqoiuse tazmianian devil tee shirt with baggy shorts and sandals. paints her nails purple, has drawing of kanjis on her arm but is covered by bandages.

hobbies: writing, swimming, soccer, drawing, skate boarding, hanging out with friends and her sister. and sipping sprite!

愛に1人の自己はそれらのまわりで1それらを愛しなければならない (to love one's self one must love those around them) thsi just came to me!

location: where am i? oh wait my room, heh false alarm.

zodiac sign:

saggitarius, i'm a fire sign and i'm obsessed with fire! so yeah.

Family: my mom, Dianna, my Dad Russell, and my imcompetent brother, Nathaniel. oh and my dog Freddy i named him!

friends: too many to count.

charlie the unicorn

music: Groove Coverage, HILARY DUFF! Martina McBride, Aly and Aj, the corrs, Hayden panettiere, within temptation, FLOW! Green Day. i'll put more once i think of any.

Movies: a little princess. that's about it

shows: xiaolin showdown, Naruto, and tokyo mew mew.

attention span: a biting midge that been smoking something that i don't know about.

love: see attention span.

Hate: i hate everything except the things above. not counting my bro i hate him.

coming soon:

Midnight Crossing: Casey Samuels has lived on the streets and cared for no one but herself since she was five. she's been able to stay alive all this time. but what happens when the man who she's hated since the second she was born comes back into her life and starts taking care of her again? or is this just a plot for him to stay out of jail?

Seeking the truth: Anya Slovasky lived in the Alexander palace as a maid and companian to Anastasia Romanov. when she finds out her best friend escaped death she goes on a mission to find her.

OH Come on!!!!: Nina Ramirez takes shit from no one. not even her school. but sometimes that's a bad thing. when her smart mouthing lands her in the principal's office again her family is fed up with it and send to a boarding school... an all BOYS boarding school!

i'm bored BYE!

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