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Connor Mack PM
Joined Jul '07

"Let your experiences define what your beliefs are...not the other way around." - Anonymous

"Writing is like uncovering a fossil, the more you chip at it, the more it becomes distinguished."

Hello good sir or madam. It is a pleasure to meet you. I understand Fictionpress is, sadly, a shell of what it once was. I only have wonderful things to say about this site, and thank it for encouraging me to keep on writing. I hope it continues to doe the same for you. I'm still writing, just not quite as frequently. My focus anymore has been on another site, Inkitt. If it interests you, let me provide you a link to my profile and the (so far) two novels I have up there, one of which might prove familiar to one of mine here.


Stop by sometime, or hey, if you prefer this site, don't be shy and say hello, ask for a review, or shoot me one yourself if you like some of my really early work. Until then, keep reading, keep writing my friend.

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