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Ya know, I like to redo this Bio! It's fun! Ok, I can tell anyone who i have a crush on here, cuz, well, ya don't know me. 'Cept you :points: but you won't tell, right? I thought so. Anyway, I'm in the 8th grade and getting OK grades, except in Language Arts, which is sad, cuz it's my best subject. Well, i guess it was. I love writing stories and poems. Poems are cool. My favorite one that i wrote is called From Afar which is actually about everything that I have ever loved but I have never been able to get, so I admired it from afar, hence the title. Anyway, I play the oboe, and I hope i'm gonna get a flute for Christmas, and take lessons. The flute is cool! :-D I hate the saxaphone, by the way, but i love the percussion, the bells in paticular. Ok, well... I don't feel like typing anymore, but you can IM me whenever you feel like it.
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