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-Ongoing Stories-

When Your Heroes Are Dead: (Femmeslash!) Take it from Venus Capaldi: once you've wracked up a few decades of the undead life, it really starts to lose its charm. And now that she's coming up on a couple of centuries, things are turning downright dark.

Substance abuse meets an eating disorder meets exceptional self-loathing in the life and times of Venus, but she's latched on to a new position in the vampiric division of the local police force in an attempt to give herself something more to live for. But these murders are dark, seemingly innocent young werewolves butchered by some serial torturer with a vendetta, and she and her partner Sparkman can't seem to get to the bottom of it all, not even with the help of Venus's seriously boosted sense of smell, one unexpected and unusual perk of her entry into immortality.

She's determined to find answers for the victims of these heinous crimes -- but whether that determination will distract her from her destructive urges (and a certain brunette healer that she just can't seem to get enough of) remains to be seen.

Ha, 'remains to be seen.' She thinks she's seen enough remains to last a lifetime, thank you very much. She's had her fill of rotten corpses in bathtubs and bloated, stinking dead men in dumpsters and...

Ugh. This is going to be a long, long case...

-Completed Stories-

A Hand in Hell: (Femmeslash!) Vera never expected to become the stuff of legend in this small town, but she relishes every moment of her fame. "Never go near red cars," the townsfolk will tell you -- and for good reason. She drives a red Viper, and once you go into it, you never come back. At least, that's how things were, how they had been for one glorious year. Now, with a demon coalition forming to take Vera down and the humans rising to do it themselves, her routine has become impossible to uphold and her current victim, Lauren Dexter, impossible to kill. Unfortunately for Lauren, once you fall into a demon's hands, it's nigh impossible to get out -- and once you fall in love with that demon, you never want to leave. And once that demon falls in love with you...well, you'll see.

As She Fades: (Bloodlove Trilogy: Part III) College has started, summer is drawing to a close, and Torryn has taken to working with the healer and informant Raphael on her quest to save the Progeny and humans enslaved by vampires around the city -- when she's not attending class or kicking ass in the Arena, of course. What else would she do to distract herself from the ache of not having Skylar and Antony with her? It seems the boys are getting into some trouble of their own, however -- but can it compare to the shit she gets herself into by disobeying Raphael's most basic of rules and keeping it all a secret from the two people who could save her? The sad but true answer: yes. Life's hard when you're headstrong and impulsive.

Eyes Like Ice: As a teenage, emotionally vacant Levellua, Raven finds that life is hard. She's ordered to hunt, steal, and kill as if she were no more than a mere animal while also juggling normal teenage responsibilities. But she has no problem with it...until she attracts three new men. With a centuries-old vampire, a sweet human, and a cocky member of her own race after her, things begin to get far more complicated. And that's not even including the new evil lurking in the distance, waiting to capture her and make her his own...

For the Hopeless: Guardians are the brave nonhumans who stand between those like them and the corrupt humans. They tend to be pretty kick-ass in their own right - fighting a war with so few at your side isn't for the weak, after all - but some of them are exceptionally powerful. Bailey is one such Guardian. Her species is unknown to even her closest allies, her age and the majority of her past a mystery, but she is one of the most trusted Guardians around. With a few old friends remaining at her side and new ones showing up on her doorstep all the time, she's begun to build an elite squad of Guardians, as well as a sort of twisted family. Her relationships with these "family members" may not be what they appear, however, and even the most stable of them are susceptible to change. So when some take a turn for the worst and others become increasingly inappropriate, what will happen to the family? And more importantly, what influence could it have on the war? The fate of the humans and nonhumans alike hinges on the answer...

From Her Vein to the Floor: (Bloodlove Trilogy: Part I) Torryn has led her life as a simple human for seventeen years. She's never been in a real fight, never believed in vampires, and never known anything but her nagging bitch of a mother. But when she gets into a fight at school one day, she is saved from immediate punishment by the mysterious Antony Warren. He introduces her to a whole new world, a world of fighting and strange creatures, and it's not long before she finds out what he is: a living vampire. But the surprises don't end there. She also learns that she's not what she always thought she was. In reality, she is part Progeny, a creature bred specifically for vampires to feed upon, possessing strong instinctual fighting abilities as well as an appearance more preferred by the undead and their living counterparts. She'd expected that to be the last of the surprises, but she gets another when she realizes that she's falling for the cocky vampire. While still in a long-term relationship with her human boyfriend, Skylar. This can't end well...

His Stoic Mask, Her Bleeding Heart: (Red Night Series: Part II of II: Blood for Keeps) A month has passed since Elyria was captured by James and forced into the control of the vampires. The war between the bloodsuckers and werewolves continues to rage on, and with Elyria on their side, the vampires don't think they can lose. But Eli isn't concerned with the war. The only thing he can think about is freeing Elyria and attempting to make her normal again. But after everything that's happened, can she ever truly be normal? Even before becoming a Shadow, she wasn't the most stable person. Maybe she'll never be what she used to be. Maybe Eli's attempts to save her will all be in vain. But no matter what happens, Eli will always be by her side, and Kyrianna as well. But will the two of them always be on the same side? Only time will tell...

Illusory: (NaNoWriMo 2011) I'll never understand why he accepted me as his assistant -- me, a college dropout with the sense of a squirrel. I'll never understand why he won't teach me the magic I want to learn -- me, the stubbornly determined twenty-something who knows where he keeps his spell books. And I'll certainly never understand why he finally decided to love me -- me, the clumsy, stupidly playful girl who can barely handle staying upright in the box when he makes me disappear. I was just your average, failing college student until I met Donovan "Van" Tamerlane -- handsome, rich, and one of the most talented magicians of his time. But with his help, I became so much more -- and together, we saved the world.

My Blood on Your Lips, Your Money in My Bra: (Red Night Series: Part I of II: Blood for Sale) Elyria was just a typical necromancer...until she did the unthinkable and began marketing her blood to anyone who wanted a taste. Its sweet flavor could have even the strongest vampire addicted, coming back over and over again for more, willing to pay any price. But Terrence, the vampire who has control over her city, has no desire to let her sell herself to anyone but him. He pays for her luxurious apartment, buys her whatever she needs, but still, she wanders...and he kills whoever else she becomes involved with. Things become more complicated when she saves a human from him, dooming the boy to live his life with her as a "pet," and begins having feelings for the one vampire she could never have: Terrence's own friend, the stoic but sweet Eli. And then, there's Kyrianna, the first of her own kind Elyria has interacted with for quite sometime...who is also a lesbian. A war between the vampires and werewolves of the city begins shortly after her love life takes a turn for the worst, and things only grow more hectic when she sides with the werewolves instead of the bloodsuckers. Selling her blood takes a backseat to winning the war; but when she begins to feel a change within herself, a monstrous, frightening feeling, even the war may be forgotten...

To Bleed for Him: (Bloodlove Trilogy: Part II) It's not a big deal to Torryn that she's only half-human. It's not a big deal that she fights for her life every night in the Arena. It's not even a big deal that her human, telekinetic ex-boyfriend, Skylar, is trying his damnedest to win her back from the arms of a vampire. What is a big deal to her is that the very vampire whose arms she's in, Antony, is no longer a loving, breathing, humanoid living vampire -- he's become an undead. Immersed in an even darker world than before, surrounded almost constantly by the vampires who consider themselves Antony's underlings, she has to live with the constant doubt that he won't be what he was before, that he might turn in to what his father was, that he might stop loving her. And with this new world of theirs rapidly changing, with new signs of resistance appearing every day, her life is always on the line. And so is his. And she'll never let anything happen to him.

-Short Stories and Poems-

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