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PerfectChaos859 PM
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My name is Amanda.

I made this account just in case I ever wanted to write something.

But mainly so I could favorite authors and stories and get updates sent to me.

My favorite types of stories have romance, humor, supernatural, things of that nature. But other things have been known to catch my interest.

I have AIM and Facebook just in case you want to talk or ask me to read your stories or to ask me to edit them.

Just message me for any of them.

Only when your story is finished will I put it in my Favorites unless it is pretty far in or I really love it. I have been kind of a slacker when it comes to updating that but trust me if you update regularly and I added you to my alerts I really enjoy your story and I read them as soon as you update. So guys keep up the amazing work you keep me entertained.

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