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Wow I haven't updated in forever. Ha Ha. Sorry guy's I've been busy -no just kidding that's a lie, truthfully I've been a couch potato. I love summer.

As of this morning, after staying up all night reading, I finally finished Breaking Dawn and let me just say it is probably one of the longest books I've ever read (768 pages). Anyway I had a good time reading it. My friend is in New York so she can't read it until she gets back because I'm giving it to her for a birthday present and it is killing me not to have anyone to talk to about it. I mean omg when I found out about you know what (for those of you who've already read it) my jaw almost hit the floor. Truthfully I like Twilight better than all of them put together (the origional is always the best) but I am glad Stephanie Meyer didn't end it horribly like Harry Potter (my opinion, very sorry if your offended).

Well moving on to less sad subjects (sad because twilight saga is finally over) I took up the guitar. I know awesome right? Anyway like always with me being my usual procrastinating self, I haven't written any idea's down but I'll get to it eventually.

I'm thinking about turning 'Wishing You Were Here' into a song. Random thought I guess but hey I've gotta put something down here.

Top 15 favorate songs as of right now:

Tim McGraw -Taylor Swift

Drops of Jupiter -Train

Do You Belive In Magic -Aly&AJ

Wonderwall -Oasis

Face Down -The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Story of a Girl -3 Doors Down

She Will Be Loved -Maroon 5

Remember the Name -Fort Minor

Numb- Linkin Park

I Don't Wanna Be In Love (Dance Floor Anthem) -Good Charlotte

Everytime We Touch (Radio Mix) -Cascada

So Small -Carrie Underwood

When You Look Me In The Eyes -The Jonas Brothers

Apologize (feat. OneRepublic) -Timbland

Animal I have Become -Three Days Grace

Quote of the moment:

"They belived that they held in there steady hands the candle that would light the world" -The Crucible

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