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I have not been here IN YEARS. It amazes me that I was still able to access this account, and even more grateful. There have been many stories I have started and never got to finish. But I wanted to try a completely new thing and see where it takes me. I have a story that I am going to possibly save for publishing once I finish it, but I won't post it here. When I think it is okay, I may just to get some reviews.

But for now, I may just start random stories, or rewrite old ones. I'm going to give this a shot. And hopefully writing here will bring back a muse that I thought was long gone.

Wish me luck.

Finished stories

The Assignment

They have been partners for years, and have become so close. So why is he so tense now?


Heartbreak and Healing (Oh the Cliché! Series)

Explanation behind Oh The Cliché! Series: The idea is that I will write some stories that deal with different cliches! All romance ones. Just for giggles. Sometimes, we just want a cliché to read, so why not have some?

Oh! And if you want to read some great, FANTASTIC stories, you should check out Sukidayo!

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