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Hello People, My names not going to be told to you, unless i feel it necessary to tell you, but for now just call me Hope or OnlyHope.

Favorite color. Red, Dark Red, and Silver, Black.I know that's four favorite colors but this is a free world, with rights and i can do what i want.

I love love love Slash and if you have a problem with that go complain to my fake lawyer okay. I like all kinds of things and am very open minded when it comes to writing and reading all kinds of stories.. I support gay and lesbian rights so if you have a problem with that, again go talk to my fake lawyer. Or just go fuck yourself.I love writing all stories and hope to put them all up here, for now on soo have fun reading.


I think I'm going to create a site for people who are writers. because alot of my favorite authors are taking everything off this site . And i think that's sad. soo i was thinking of giving them a place where their stories would be safe.


All my favorite writers are taking down their fics because they got plagiarized, i wish i could help them in some way. I feel sad now like a kicked puppy. it seems unfair that people see fit to steal others stories.


My Stories.

Incomplete Stories.

Walk Away. 1/?


Summary. I am here in a loony tunes town I hate with people who dislike me in the middle of the most wonderful fucked up fairytale in the world, and people wonder how I do it, I mean come on I am in the middle of Bumfuck nowhere.



Strange and Beautiful. 1/1

Summary. My name is Jenna... Jenna Loja.And I am one of the most pathetic people in the world, want to know why? Because I loved him……….I love someone who wouldn’t even look at me, and wouldn’t ever love me. SONGFIC TO STRANGE AND BEAUTIFUL BY AQUALUNG. COMPLETE.

That's All for Now Folks. Have Fun Reading.

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