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Attenion: All stories are currently under revision, so please excuse the unbelievablitiy of some of the scenes, thank you.

I try to write diversely and strive for unique characters and situations. In my stories, I try to mix things up and find plots and all kinds of outlandish happenings, so I'm counting on you readers to let me know when I need to reign it in! I love Fictionpress with a passion, mostly because I love to read good stories and there are many on here that I never would have been able to read if it weren't for this site. If ever you want a review, PM me or leave a review of your own and I'll see what I can do!

In case anyone was wondering, this is the man I have in my head (cough all the time cough) when writing Long Nights & Lonely Plights, Gabe Saporta (my icon)-gorgeous isn't he? LNLP was actually a one-shot fanfiction -shiver of disgust- for Mr. Saporta, but I'm no good at those so I made it an original. Somehow though, Mr. Saporta managed to stay in my head for our Gabe's physical appearance. Not that that's a bad thing! If you want to watch the video that's in the blog that the link takes you to;

1. click play

2. when it comes up that you can't watch it cause of licencing, type into the search box "cobra starship warped slip n slide"

will not regret it my friend. Gabriel Saporta! I love this pic!

There is a special author on here that I owe endless thanks to for her aesomeness, Ms Chit Chat Cat! I miss her... -Cries- Also thanks to The Roadhouse and everyone who's read and reviewed my stories!

April 12, 2010

Le sigh. I realized due to a kind review that I'm having more problems with Black Alleyways and Bleak Hearts than I expected. I just get antsy when I post a story I've written just for fun and it starts to progress. I'm always in the back of my mind imagining you readers seeing all these non-existent blemishes, and so I rewrite it in a more straight laced, tame manner that's nowhere near as enjoyable as the first version. Because of this epiphany of mine, I'm going to repost the old version of BABH up to chapter three where the "Verbal Beatdown" is (I still have to write that tidbit.) I'm sorry for throwing you guys around all the time. T.T It bothers me more than you.

April 16, 2010

Okay, I cave. I'm going to post BOTH version of Black Alleyways and Bleak Hearts, cause I'm just a freak like that. If you knew me, you'd know how horribly indecisive I am. I mean really, I'm sitting here, starving because I can't make up my mind about what to eat. But I digress, I'm posting the OLD and the NEWer-ish version of BABH because I've gotten good reviews for both, and hey, why not? Why not have both? Both, both, both, I wonder how many times I can say that without it getting on my nerves...

Anyways, I'll make it obvious which is which. For quick reference, the "new" version (or you know, we can call it the "Hobo" version since Izumi is the one who gets the nickname) will be the one that gets the 'alternate universe' title. The old or "Orca-chan" version will be pretty much left alone, 'cept I'll call it the 'original'. Man, am I confusing or what? -Grin-

May 27, 2010

I know you can say it; I'm awful. It's been... forever since I've updated, and now that I'm grovelling I'm not even offering a new chapter. : ( I've been applying for college and all that fun stuff, and a thousand other things. Making excuses doesn't please you, I know, but on the bright side what little I've been able tow rite is awesome. : D And I started yet another story (are you really surprised?) Maybe I'll post it.

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