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Welcome to my humble establishment! (bows) I hope you find it very pleasant here! Enjoy, enjoy, and dear friends, do not forget to enjoy! Jay has finally joined us, and so some of the stories are Jay's, and some are mine. And here is some more about us:

About Jay:

name: didn't I already spell it??

age: I'm not as old as I look

height: in centimeters or inches??

looks: my eye sight is pretty good

My favorite color is blue.

Hey I just thought of something: Blue Jay




About Sea:
Name: Nothing of consequence
Age: as old as my tongue
Height: Shut-up
Looks: ...
My favorite color is black.
The Dead Sea.
You get the point.



July 13, 2009

Okay, so I think I am rewriting The Ayon...again. I'm going to try and upload the first (new) chapter today, tell me what you think please. For those who have read the other version, this time I'm making Guinevere come from a humble background instead of being a princess or whatever. I think it would be more meaningful that way. She's still part elf though, and she still becomes the Ayon, still meets Tonél and everything, she's just not related to them. Ça va? Ça va. -Sea

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