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Hey there!

I'm Leech Lester. I'm a fairly organized person, so feel free to skip to the clearly labeled information that you want to read.


You don't really care about this, do you?


(1) The Dancing Doll

WARNING!!!: The Dancing Doll is meant to be two things: Controversial and gruesome. If you cannot handle those two things, then I do not suggest that you read it. Besides including rather risqué romantic scenes, there will also be bloodshed and hellish thematic elements. Also, just a forewarning: the love is interracial and takes place in the 1950s, so prepare yourselves for some racism. Am I racist? OF COURSE NOT. I think everyone is awesome. But this takes place in the 1950s, and race issues were big issues. If you are going to be offended... please don't read this story. Please.

Summary:Christopher manages to bring his true love back to life in the form of a wooden doll. However, there are things surrounding her death that he doesn't fully understand, and there is hell to pay for everyone involved.

Status Incomplete

(2) Fish Bait and Cracker Zac

Summary: Zac, a homeschooled kid, receives a fish as a birthday present and soon learns that his fish has the power to transform into a human being. Frank, his pet fish, accompanies him through the horrors of high school and helps him fight crime, win the hearts of girls, and follow his dreams.

Status Incomplete

(3) Za's Spirit Tales

Summary: Somewhere in a lost city dwells a lonesome but curious spirit. This spirit spends his days following the lives of the living. After many years of witnessing both the cruel and compassionate sides of the creatures of earth, he decides that all that lives exists in a fragil state of simple maliciousness. Perhaps it is good that all that lives must die, for evil would otherwise consume every inch of the earth.

Status: Incomplete


Uggghhhhkohslkndhopfina, why can't I finish a story?!?! Okay, I'm done.


Okay, I'm surprised you are still reading my profile. Thanks for stopping by! If you are just lurking around reading a few paragraphs and then leaving: THANKS. I take what I can get. (: If you actually reviewed something or messaged me to talk about walnuts or something (yes, that has actually happened; It was AWESOME): then SUPER THANKS!! I love reviews and random messages. You probably totally made my day. And to everyone else: THANKS... for being alive, or something.

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