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Amber Salgado
Joined Aug '07

My name is Amber

I'm 17 Years old

I am a Scorpio

My favorite color is the rainbow (purple especially)

I am a Senior in high school

I find Potatoes intriguing to say the least

I have one story i am currently working on but its not posted yet.

I love poetry and also write it

I have horrible grammar, on many essays my teacher has told me; my idea was phenomenal but my grammar is horrendous

I love acting

I think llamas are awesome, but alpacas are better because they spit

if i find something interesting i will not stop reading until it is done then i will cry in anguish if it doesn't end happily or if i have to wait to find out.

my quote of life is: live, love, and laugh.

i recently found out about inkpop so im there, same user add me ass a friend.

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