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Liz Bee PM
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Ahoy and other nautical expressions!

I'll keep this simple.

I am: silly, easily amused, up and down- but mainly down, at my best when arguing.

I like: staring at stuff, cooking with mum, video games, my ipod, my little sister, shiny things.

I hate: really long car trips, chop suey, roaches, nasty teenage girls.

I can: play piano and guitar, write, use diablo, fire-spin, snowboard.

I can't: shut up, or have a good comeback until five minutes later.

Music: I arrive late to most bands. Alternative, drum and bass, indie, some pop.

Books: I read when I have time- which I don't. (But there's always time for Terry Pratchett).

"With each passing day, the world finds new and exciting ways to kill a man."

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